Programming for children - how to make coding fun

Discover free tools, techniques, and ideas affecting entertainment and creativity from your children's perspective until programming.

What we will learn:

  • Supply a strong understanding of the mentality and attitude needed to encourage programming with your children

  • Tools and links to the best websites and apps to introduce coding to children

  • Review the best programming languages, platforms, and environments to see children's development with programming

  • Use multiple digital and printable resources to start programming skills with your children, progress, and advance.

  • You need all the resources needed to take your children to the next level and continue challenging them in the future, and arrange for their better supply.


  1. It should be a computer or laptop, or mobile device

  2. Any internet connection

  3. Includes the inspiration to see children love coding


This course is recognized as an important part of the Fractus Learning 'Bitesize' PD Program for schools.

Programming is becoming an essential skill in almost every modern industry today. It was predicted that by 2020 computer science students would have 1,000,000 computer science jobs. Great!

But more than any of these, when taught correctly, Programming can be a whole piece of equipment for fun! Learning code is a unique process, Which has a very beneficial passion and expertise for children of all ages.

In this jam-filled 1 -hour course, we focus on the tools, techniques, and ideas you can use to influence entertainment and creativity in programming. With the emphasis on applications here, the course code is far from syntax or a particular language convention and focuses on entertaining coding. You will not need any background or knowledge in programming.

Covering sports, exercises, apps, and more, this course is divided into four separate sections to guide children from introducing the code to more complicated programming.

  1. First preparation

  2. To see before the code

  3. Where to start, review

  4. To decide the next steps thinking

So if you are excited about the use of technology to change your child, class, or school world, it can change the world as well,

This course will give you everything you need to provide a practical and fun basis to love children.

Click "Take this course" and see how fun the programming can be!


Who is this course suitable for:

  1. Parents who want to encourage programming skills.

  2. Teachers who want to bring a code to the class.

  3. Schools that want to embrace programming in a fun way.

  4. No need for programming experience.

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