Digital painting series EP0. Dragon Bust: Learn to paint step by step, which will be a masterpiece for the amateur.

Painting Series Ep0. Dragon Bust

Painting Series Introduction

Painting Series Ep. Dragon Bust is the first in a series of videos that will show you how to paint a statue using the same techniques used to paint realistic human skin. This video tutorial will teach you how to paint a dragon bust's head, neck, and arms using the same techniques you would use to paint a human bust.

First, start by painting the base coat on the statue. Use a light color to create a base for the final colors. Next, paint the head, neck, and arms with different colors. The dragon's eyes should be painted green, its pupils yellow, and its horns red. Finally, add details to the statue's face using white paint or light colors. Use a brush to create wrinkles and lines on the dragon's forehead and around its eyes.

What we will learn in this course:

Follow the step by steps to make their digital paintings.


  1. Get a basic understanding of preferred painting software.

  2. Basic drawing skills are mandatory.

  3. There is a drawing bullet.

  4. A digital drawing style was also needed.


You will learn every step to make a great digital painting so you can become an expert from an early!

The digital painting series will show you how to develop modern art that will stand as professional work. This course will give you the skills to paint your digital painting or your money and develop your skills.

Each course of the digital painting series is your track that aims to master digital painting as you always know what you should do! Whether it be for your plans or as a professional artist.

You will have full access to all three parts of this course.

  • To make digital paintings, I have tried hard to learn quickly, and the course has been set up to learn fast.

  • You won't be sure I offer you a full refund guarantee within the first 30 days of the course purchase.

  • You have tried to count everything on your fingers.

This course begins with basic things. We will start with an underline or sketch and prepare the painting.

Next, you will learn how to paint in grayscale so that the correct values ​​and the image for color can be obtained.

Once we know that, we will go the way to add colors to live our painting.

Then you will learn how to use layers and compound methods and how to do image adjustments in your painting.

Finally, a bonus section goes on the method of painting shining jewelry.


What else will you get from here?

  1. I will have personal contact and a course tutor.

  2. The content of the course will have lifetime access.

  3. Full-length paintings will be found.

It all comes under an easy-to-use platform. Also, you will be able to get fast, friendly, responsible support in the course or by direct message.

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